Online Marketing

Lead Generation

Develop a prospect funnel to grow your business online. Tri3Media will help you connect with your prospects through Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

  • PPC Ads (Google, Bing, Facebook) – Using pay-per-click marketing and banner advertising to grow your business requires a sharp understanding of marketing, resource allocation and problem solving. When done effectively, this strategy will bring highly targeted prospects to your website. We can manage all operations and monitor performance to insure that all your sales objectives are being met.
  • Social Media – Our team will help you setup a social media presence that will allow you to connect with prospects, engage customers and increase customer support. Discover how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn to connect with your customers in ways unavailable through traditional media.
  • SEO – Optimize your content for organic search traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube.

Nurture Prospects

Build your reputation as an expert in your field through content and email marketing. Setup and maintain a blog to attract customers, build trust and share your message with potential customers. Tri 3 Media can also help you nurture relationships through effective email strategies.


Our team specializes in the setup and configuration of e-commerce management systems. Discover how to create a virtual storefront of all your products in a secure SSL environment. We can configure your online store to process credit card and PayPal payments.


Concerned about warehouse space or fulfillment? We have the manpower and the space to manage even the most complex orders.

Customer Development

Tri 3 Media will help you increase the total lifetime value of your customers by maintaining communication, running exclusive promotions and helping you diversify your product offering.